Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Relocating to Pinterest

I sort of abandoned this blog, but I haven't abandoned finding awesome designs on the web.
I personally think the whole "blog format" is rather clunky for this kind of thing.  Even though Blogger's image viewer is better than it used to be, it's still a long scrolling setup that requires a lot of extra clicks and wasted space.

So here's my redirect to Pinterest:

From architecture to nature, transportation, minerals, general photography - I'm able to share what I find inspiring and what can give anyone cool ideas for shapes, color, composition, etc...
While it's not a perfect site, It's a good layout for processing a lot of images at once, and a way to keep images from getting buried.

Also, remember my official blog!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Design) Industrial Design Dump 1

Here's some examples of industrial design and hard-surface concept art within different categories, done for our ID class at The Art Department.  (Teacher:  Josh Nizzi)

We were assigned to provide 3-5 examples of each category.  Of course, they overlap considerably, and I can usually think of several groups for each design.  Also, these are just a small fraction of what I could've put up!

NOTE:  Many of these designs are "real world" whether they're concept vehicles or ones actually available on the market.  Of course, the mechs aren't, except one!  hehe...  A couple interiors here too.


RC4 all terrain concnept vehicle - battery powered

AvA02 Serafim concept jet - for personal use (Timon Sager)

Killzone drop ship (Chris Emond)

Melbourn Theatre

Octuri Flying Yacht


Glados from Portal

Time Machine - Melinda Russell

John Park

Treehouse Restaurant


Alexey Pyatov

ARC Rescue chopper concept (Leong Huang Zi)

I built this bionicle - I think they have a really cool look and are a good example  for this category.

Mike Hill (woah, moma! there's something kind gross about this one!)


From Zone of the Enders

BArchetts (Victor Uribe Chacon)

Scott Robertson
Kazuguruma Wind Force Futuristic Transportation (Japanese industrial design team)

The YEE flying car concept (South China University of Technology)


MICHELIN airless tire design challenge entry  ( Tristan Hipps)

Doug Chiang

The Detonator (Daniel Simon)

General Electric exosuit (actually built!  Too hard to control though.)

Daniel Simon


Whit Brachna

Greg Broadmore

Farmbot (Andree Wallin)

Mike Doscher

Guido Kuip

I wasn't sure about this category, but guessed it meant that all components were visibly part of a unit.  In other words, not modular, or at least cleanly modular.

Michelin Design Challenge entry - Kyoung Soo Na

Amaury Salas

Michael Kutsche

Aaron Beck

I assume this category meant designs that look like they can be easily modified, or have been over time.  Things that don't seem to cleanly fit together.  (This would make this category similar to "unrefined.")
John Park


John Park

US Navy Aircraft Carrier


Scott Robertson

Tiong Seah Yap

Tiong Seah Yap

Michelin Challenge Entry  (Kristina Magnitskaya)


Citroen SM (Nari Huh)

Chris Emond

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Car

Michelin Design Challenge (Marko Lukovic)


Russian K-7 flying fortress

District 9 Weapon Concept (Greg Broadmore)

Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Nikolay Yeliseyev

Star Wars Concept (Ryan Church)


Zaha Hadid Architects

High-speed Catamaran (

1932 Diri-Disc (Guido Tallei)

Omer Sagiv

Guido Kuip


Ryan Church

Michael Kutsche

Proteus Catamaran (hull conforms to water surface)


Richard Doble

Ian McQue

Daniel Dociu

Tiong Seah Yap