Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello, I'm Kirsten Zirngibl.  I'm currently an Entertainment 2D student at The Art Department.

Anyone familiar with my regular art blog ( knows how hard it's been for me to keep up with it.  I just can't "get into" it; it feels like a chore.  And when I look at it, I ask: would anyone really want to read this?  Besides maybe a potential employer trying to get an idea of my work ethic, it just seemed kind of boring.  Lots of school assignments, often not quite finished enough to be cool, but not unfinished enough to give anyone an idea of my process.

So what is it that makes a successful art-related blog, that artists and others alike would actually want to read?
  • 1.  The artist is REALLY super good and has awesome industry experience (example: Nathan Fowkes, Robh Ruppel).
  • 2.  The blog is multi-artist:  a collection of the best art from other websites, and multiple pro contributors.  (example:  Conceptships and Muddy Colors).
  • 3.  The artist's blog isn't just purely about art, but also seeks to teach and inspire with others' artwork, history, and nature.  One of the best examples of this is Gurney Journey.
  • 4.  The blog creates a community, with contests, and mentorship as a way to keep an active following.  An example is ArtOrder.  (OK, not strictly a blog, but kindasorta).

I realized that, all along, number 3 was the right format for me.  Yes, I love art, but I also love the WORLD.  I love creating other worlds because I find inspiration from this one!  There are so many awesome things out on the web, from architectecture and design, to new ways of looking at nature, to little known and under-appreciated historical artists your professor never told you about.  I would like to bring some of those things here, and my own artwork right along with it, because they're NOT separate.

Welcome to my new blog!

My older blogs:  (The Art Blog)  (Sketching in public, part of an animation class)  (OK, that one one was for a business class but it still took a lot of work.)

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